Research, development and innovation : our story since 1977

Sparco’s history is characterized by research, development and innovation. Founded in 1977 with the mission of producing safety and high performance material for pilots, the company from Volpiano (Turin) has never betrayed its mission. It created racing clothing and accessories for racing cars, making the brand famous all over the world in a short time. The Sparco brand is present on the market with 5 sites on 3 continents.

Since 2013 Sparco has entered the fashion and style market, creating together with IDT S.p.a. the Sparco fashion brand and an exclusive collection, giving motor sports enthusiasts the chance to affirm their “racing-style” every day. Sparco Fashion wants to make known and transmit the qualities that make it a brand of excellence: superior quality on all products without neglecting the traditional elegance of an Italian brand, combining safety, technology and refined design